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Lesson One Of Natural Law

By Shifu Glen Moore

Located in Richmond Virginia, Blue Dragon Martial Arts specializes in teaching traditional Ba Gua Zhang and Qi Gong. Serving the Richmond area since 1987, it is the founding school of Qiang Shan Ba Gua Zhang Association ( under Master Bok Nam Park. In 2002, the school was passed by Master Park to Shifu Glen Moore.

Our system of Ba Gua Zhang is a complete self-defense and health-focused system of kung fu.  As an internal art, all principles and theories revolve around the circulation and application of Qi for improved health in the practitioner, along with allowing for devastating martial application.  These two sides of the system work together, and one cannot really hope to understand one side without understanding the other.

Our martial system is for real-world application only, and not for sport or play.  Not only does the student improve in health and mobility, but learns principles and theories that are directly applicable to self-defense in today’s society.  In addition, the health and healing system integrates into the student’s day-to-day life, allowing for the incorporation of Qi Gong theory and practice into an individual’s approach to being healthy.

Because the level of instruction is very deep, our classes are currently for adults only.  We have day and evening classes, and students may choose which classes to participate in based on their desired focus.

Please check our schedule and other site resources, and don’t forget to check back often.  We will be continuously adding more information to our blog, providing a wealth of information regarding this wonderful system of Ba Gua Zhang.